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Muscle heaven

Muscle heaven

The Turkish Hammam at Trump SoHo

I love spas. My dream job (besides writing about travel) would be to review spas. I started getting massages here and there when I was 23, when New York Sports Club suckered me into a massage package (which I definitely could not afford at the time, but I succumbed when my muscles melted like butter in the masseuse's hands).  Since then, I'm always on the lookout for spa deals and new places to try. 

So a couple of weeks ago, armed with a special deal from Gilt City ($150, not including tax and tip, regular Hammam price is $210 on the weekdays), I trekked down to the Trump hotel in SoHo two Monday's ago. I prefer going to spas on the weekdays after work since usually there is less people. My appointment was at 7:30 pm but I got there by 6 to take advantage of the spa amenities. I am totally the type of person who can spend all day by myself, lost in my thoughts. 

I checked in and was shown around the spa, which doesn't have the most logical layout but I've always had a good sense of direction so it didn't bother me. They provide a long fluffy robe and slippers, and after changing into my swimsuit, I lounged in the sauna and steam room for about 20 minutes each before taking a quick nap in the relaxation room, where they have comfy beds, hot tea, and snacks (dried fruit, nuts, and apples). It was quiet so I pretty much had all these places to myself.  

Then came Turkish Hammam time. I really had no idea what to expect. I thought I would get a scrub while lying in a bathtub but not at all. My massage therapist took me into the beautifully tiled room above and told me to lie down on a towel on top of a slab of heated marble. She also gave me dark colored disposable undergarments to wear instead of my bathing suit. 

I lied down on my back and the process started. With my eyes closed, I felt the warmth of hot water being thrown all over my body. It was sooo soothing!!! For me, I didn't find it to be scalding hot but it was a shock at first and I quickly got over it. She splashed me for a good while before she started massaging me with oils. It was basically an amazing hot bath massage. Then she exfoliated me all over with a body scrub which was also incredibly soothing and relaxing. More hot water splashing. Finally, towards the end, she gave me a scalp massage, which I so needed and a perfect complement to the rest of the body massage. The final piece of the puzzle was getting splashed with cold water to cool you down. At the end of the hour, my skin was silky smooth and relaxed all over. 

Afterwards I took a quick lie down in the relaxation room, which suddenly had huge chocolate covered strawberries that were not there before. After letting myself bask in the afterglow of the Hammam, I took a long shower in the locker room and that was luxurious too--it's those types of showers where they have like ten shower heads spraying you from every angle.  

All in all, this was my most favorite NYC spa experience so far. I'll write about other places I like some other time, but I highly recommend this spa experience with or without a deal. New York City is a crazy pulsating place and this is the perfect way to de-stress and enjoy yourself if needed.